How to make bulletproof coffee with nespresso

How to make bulletproof coffee with nespresso

Use ONLY this kind of butter (this shows salted but unsalted is preferred by many)

One tablespoon into your mug

One tablespoon in microwave safe mug

Warm for about 30 seconds until slightly melted

It doesn't need to be completely melted but the warming is important

Use MCT oil. Some People use coconut oil but MCT will provide more energy longer! Truly! It's the key!

One tablespoon

Use your Nespresso machine and add coffee to the butter and oil. I use the preset large setting and it comes to about half the mug- that's perfect for foaming.

Get a hand foamer.

Mix till foamy

Ahhhh, nice!

Tip off with a but more expresso if you want a bigger cup. Enjoy!!!

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