How to prepare puff pastry delicious snack!

How to prepare puff pastry delicious snack!

This is a shot of what you need!;)!

Place three TBS of feta cheese into a bawl ,

Cute your green onions vey thin ..

Add green onions to the bawl

Beat The eggs ,,

Add the beaten eggs to the cheese and green onions . And mix hard

It should be liquid more than solid shown.

Get your puff pastry ,.. Place in a plate .

Preheat oven to 350C

Stretch out the puff pastry ,,

Add One TBS of feta cheese ..on one half

Then cover it with the other half to form a triangle

Use a fork to close it harder ..

Like this ..

I've made those so far ;)!

Get your egg mixture ,,, and cover the puff with it !

It's still not covered i'm sorry ,, forgot to take a shot ..

Get your puffs and bake for approximately 25 minutes ,.. Just keep an eye on them until they turn golden ..

They look and taste goood!

My feta cheese was very low in salt , it was kinda sweet, so i thought of something sweeter ! But just if you don't like the idea of feta with chocolate , simply don't add any!they taste good anyway!!

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