How to make a hemingway daiquiri

How to make a hemingway daiquiri

Gather stuff. It should all fit comfortably within a single photo like my stuff did, if you need to use the panoramic function then your stuff is too far apart, or you have to much stuff.

Squeeze fresh lime juice. Rolling the fruit on the work top will break the cells and make it easier to juice. Make a decent amount as the "testing" process will involve drinking several cocktails.

General rule of thumb: whatever cocktail we're making, we always add ice to our glass before beginning to make our drink. This way the glass will always be icy cold when we're ready to pour.

Add 50ml of white rum to your mixing glass.

Add 25ml lime juice to the mixing glass

Add 10ml grapefruit juice to the mixing glass.

Add 10ml of Maraschino cherry liqueur and 5ml sugar syrup. *2:1 sugar syrup is just a mix of 2 parts granulated sugar to 1 part boiling water, then mixed till clear. Allow to cool before using :)

Fill mixing glass with a decent amount of ice. Nearly there :)

Put the Boston shaker on and give it a firm thwack to make a watertight seal. Then shake well for a long 10 count.

At this point you can taste the cocktail using a straw to see if it is to your taste. If it's not sweet enough for your palate add a little more sugar... Not strong enough, add more rum ;)

Discard the ice from the martini glass and double strain your concoction in using a Hawthorne strainer (the one with the spring) and the fine strainer.

See how the fine strainer catches all the broken ice and lime bits.

Garnish. I used some homemade sour cherries that I made by macerating dried morello cherries in Maraschino cherry liqueur for a few weeks. But you can use shop bought ones if you wish.

Stick a wee lime wedge on it with a cocktail stick and drop it in

Boom! The Papa Doble, The Hemingway Daiquiri for your imbibification. These are best consumed in multiples with friends, banter, and wearing sunglasses. B-)

Enjoy it in all it's majesty!

Watch the video: Hemingway Daiquiri. How to Make one at Home (October 2021).