How to make candle ends into roses to light a fire

How to make candle ends into roses to light a fire

This is what you need: candle ends, egg cartons, glitter, a kettle and pincers. You can also use scissors.

Take an egg carton

Cut with scissors or tear with fingers each egg nest.

The egg nest will be the base of the rose.

Cut or tear with fingers the lid of the egg carton.

Tear the middle part of the lid away unless it is solid.

Tear the carton into long shreds.

You need quite a lot of shreds.

Wrap the shreds to form the innermost petals of the rose.

Insert the wrapped petals into the nest.

You have a rose shape carton nest now.

Insert more carton shreds into the nest to form more petals and to make the wrap tighter.

This is what the rose looks like before dipping.

When you turn the rose upside down the petals should not fall out.

Fill the kettle almost half way with water.

Put the kettle onto the hob and heat the water.

Put the candle ends into the kettle.

Let the water simmer until the candle wax has melted.

Grab the carton rose with pincers.

Dip the rose into the melted candle wax.

Turn the dipped rose upside down to poor any excess wax away.

This is the rose after the first dip.

Lift the dipped roses onto a piece of paper to cool down and settle.

Dip the settled rose again into the candle wax. Dip each rose into wax at least three times.

Sprinkle some glitter on top of the warm rose and let it cool down and stiffen.

This is what the ready roses look like.

If you put the ready-made roses into the bottom part of an egg carton it's easier for you to store and transfer.

One rose is enough to light a fire easily. Just insert a lit match between the petals of the rose.

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