How to have a personal bible devotion

How to have a personal bible devotion

Choose a time. Write it in your planner and consider it an unbreakable appointment with God.

Be intentional. Place your Bible where you can see it, that way it will be a visual reminder to have devotional time, e.g. bedside table.

Set your alarm.

Choose a place. Find a study location that’s private and free of distractions if possible. Use a consistent location whenever you can.

Make a point to pray to God for wisdom and understanding before you start reading. "...the Holy Spirit teaches..." - 1 Cor. 2:13

Make a plan. Decide what to read, a plan will keep you motivated and focused. E.g. I am currently reading a chapter a day from 1st Timothy.

Read a chapter of Proverbs everyday. Proverbs provides practical instructions for daily life. Tip: read the chapter that corresponds with the date, e.g. on October 22 you would read chapter 22.

Highlight verses that the Holy Spirit brings to your attention and speaks to your specific circumstance.

Write in your journal. Journaling helps reinforce what you have read and is a great way to keep a record of your personal spiritual growth.

Write the verse you highlighted at the top of your journal. You can choose to write this in a different coloured pen to make it easy to recognise.

Write, "What does this teach me about God?" Then write your thoughts below.

Write "What does this teach me about myself?" Then write your thoughts below.

Write "What specifically do I need to do in my life as a result?" Then write your thoughts below.

Write a short prayer to God asking Him to help you apply the things you have just learned into your life. Reading the Bible is not just about acquiring information but personal transformation.

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