How to update your barstools

How to update your barstools

Start by sanding your bar stools. You want to scuff any shiny surface.

Next your going to spray them with your primer (we used BIN).

Get your foam and batting out and cut the foam to fit the size of the stool seat.

Lay down the batting, then the foam pad and last the stool upside down on top. Using the staple gun start working your way around pulling the batting tightly. Fold the edges under for a finished look.

Make sure everything looks even and staple any loose edges.

Next trace the shape, including rounded edges, on your fabric and cut it out (we actually used a pillow case from a sheet set since we liked the pattern so much).

Repeat the same process as before with the fabric, pulling tightly and securing with the nail gun.

And voila! Updated and comfortable bar stools!

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