How to build an embellished composite flower arrangement

How to build an embellished composite flower arrangement

Gather your supplies!

Deconstruct 5 lilies and keep one lily bud.

Add glue to the base of all the loose petals.

Create composite flower by attaching petals one-by-one around the lily bud.

Continue layering petals around the bud. Start with the smallest petals and work your way up to the larger petals.

Make sure to hold all the petals together with one hand while adding petals with the other.

Let finished composite flower dry upside down.

While composite flower dries, cut rose stems to 2" long using branch cutter.

Insert soaked OASIS foam into container and insert roses along foam edge.

Clip Pearl Cluster Brooch about 2" long using wire cutters.

Insert clipped brooches into center of each rose.

Insert composite flower into the center of the arrangement.

This arrangement has a short life, so spritz with Floralife Finishing Touch spray to protect and refresh flowers.

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