How to do a sun salutation

How to do a sun salutation

Samasthiti- the first pose of the Sun Salutations. Begin with feet together at the top of mat. Stand tall and begin to notice breath.

Inhale, and reach straightened arms above head. Lean backwards slightly to feel a stretch through the hips.

Exhale into forward fold. Tilt torso over the hips to reach the ground with hands if possible. Ribs fold against thighs, even if legs are not straight, as depicted in photograph.

Exhale and step or jump back in to Chaturanga (low push-up). Elbows tucked in to sides and feel triceps supporting the body as it lowers down to ground.

Inhale into Up Dog. Lengthened legs and arms press into floor and upper body lifts up. Drishti (gaze) is upward with a stretch through the neck.

Exhale into Down Dog. Feet hip-distance, heels sink down, and hips lift up. Hands press into floor and arms extend to create a straight line through the arms and lengthened back.

Down Dog is the concluding pose to the first Sun Salutation of a series. Stay here for five breaths.

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