How to make a diamond on your nail

How to make a diamond on your nail

Start with a straight line across the nail.

Add two diagonal lines on each side.

Add two vertical lines.

Add a small dot below in the center.

Connect The vertical lines from step 3 to the dot.

Both sides Completed.

Here is the completed outline. (Don't mind the cuticles)

Add a line across the diamond at the point where the diagonal and vertical lines meet.

Add a line from the pointed part of the diamond toward the area where the line from steps 1 and 2 meet.

Again on the other side.

Add a diagonal line here.

And another diagonal line on the other side.

Completed diamond. Practice this as often as you can, and it will become very easy by my next tutorial!

Watch the video: Man in Japan makes diamond for engagement ring from his own fingernails (October 2021).