How to make a heart gift

How to make a heart gift

Gather supplies, I found a tin in a lovely size and shape so used that as a template

Draw round template onto stiff card

Cut out

Cut padding out

Cut fabric bigger then template

Glue either side to get a good shape and then continue round

I used hot glue so I used a pen to avoid burns

Pull all in so as to have an even shape on the good side, good idea to snip into the fabric to help shape, forgot to photo that bit

Looking good so far

Cut the length ribbon you want to use to hang it

Glue but make sure it is in the middle so it will hang straight

Cut another piece of fabric the same size as the template

Glue the fabric in place to tidy up the back

Easy and effective

You can do different sizes and add trim ect. Try different shapes. Can be adapted for so many things

Have fun and let your imagination run wild. Craft is about having fun and enjoying learning new things. Any questions please let me know. X

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