How to polish leather boots

How to polish leather boots

First off you'll need to remove the laces from your boots. After doing so take a large face brush to the boots to remove all of the dirt and debris from any cracks and crevices within the boots.

Next use a clean rag to polish boots with a leather cleaner. The one I use is clear and works as a nice prep for the black polish. Rub gently over the entire boot.

Now time for the polish/ cream. Make sure to get one specific to the color boots you have. I chose to get redwing products since I have redwing boots but that's just me. Polish in a circular motion.

This will provide a nice clean matte finish to the leather. To add a shine just take the large face brush and gently make swift brushes across the leather and you will see the shine forming.

One last piece of advice for the boys. Stop buying vans. Step your game up. Thanks for checking out my guide.

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