How to make vegetable soup

How to make vegetable soup

Cut your tomatoes and piece of onion. Wash your cilantro, if u don't like the taste of cilantro u can skip it

Wash and peel your potatoes and carrots

In a hot pot add your oil,

Then add your onion and sauté until soft

Now add your tomato

Cook until soft

Add your water

Your cilantro

Now add the rice. Bring to a boil.

While the water boils I usually cut the potatoes and carrots. Cut any shape you like

All cut up

I had frozen corn so that's what I used but u can also use canned corn

I like to let it cook about 10 minutes because I want the rice to cook through most of the way before I add the veggies. After 10 mins I add the corn, carrots, and potatoes. Add your salt

Your chicken bouillon

And cook until veggies are cooked through. About 10-15 minutes depends how big u cut your veggies.

Now it's ready to enjoy. U can always adjust to your liking add different veggies. Hope u enjoy it. Thanks for looking.

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