How to make hash browns the swedish way

How to make hash browns the swedish way

This dish is typically Swedish & easy to make. It's also the regional dish of the county Östergötland. The dish representing my county (Småland) will never be a guide since I really don't like it.

Mix wheat flour with salt.

Add some of the milk.

Add the egg and keep whisking.

Add the remaining milk.

Now grate the potatoes but before adding them pat them dry.

If you have a kitchen Assistant you can of course use that for this step.

In a skillet heat up some butter.

Use a small cup to measure how much batter to pour in the pan. Spread it out evenly in the skillet.

The shape isn't the most important thing, you can make them found if you think that's easier.

Flip them over.

When they're ready, put them in the oven to keep them warm.

Cut the pork (of buy ready sliced).

The tricky part is to get them as thin as you want them. Fry it.

Serve the Hash browns with the pork and of course lingonberry jam.

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