How to become a blogger

How to become a blogger

Creating, managing, a website can be a pain in the unmentionable plus building an audience can be an piece of what comes out on that unmentionable. well no more is website that allow you to publish your columns . Your review on restaurant, product and more plus they gives you all the tools.. You need You don't have to break a sweat

Go to they already build a strong audience more then a thousand of twitter followers

Fill the form submit your article

Will then be review and posted on the website

After publishing 5 you will become an official writer they give you access to the platform and send you a free MevUp t-shirt, give you and email

The even help you set up YouTube Authorship which mean when someone look at for you article the will see you pic and name on so they can follow you on Google plus.

This not only let you build. A strong media present but also help you build up your resume. For your writing job

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