How to cook chicken fingers

How to cook chicken fingers

First take your salt,pepper,and chicken and season the chicken with the salt and pepper.

To make your batter,take two cups of buttermilk and pour it into your mixing bowl.

Next take half a cup of Thousand Island dressing and pour it into the buttermilk.

Take a tablespoon(or to taste) of your choice hot sauce and put into batter.

Your final step to the batter process is to take a couple pinches or your choice seasoning and mix it into the batter.

Now it's time for the flour.

Take three cups of flour and put it into a separate bowl.

Take two to three inches of vegetable oil and pour into a frying pan.

When it is clear that the oil is beginning to boil dip your chicken into the batter,then into the flour and then into the frying pan.

Before putting the chicken into the pan,and after dipping them in batter pat them off,before putting them in the flour.

Then,after about eight to ten minutes of frying take them off the stove and into a paper towel.

Enjoy! :)

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