How to make chocolate meringue pie

How to make chocolate meringue pie

Poke pie shell and bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes or until golden brown.

Should look like this.

Add all dry ingredients except for the 2 tbs sugar and cream of tarter for meringue.

Mix dry before you add milk and egg yolks. Should look like this.

Separate egg whites into separate bowl and add milk and yolks to dry ingredients. Stir this and begin to cook at medium heat.

Cook at medium heat until pudding starts to boil rapidly. This needs to boil for three minutes or you will have a soupy pie. I always set my stove timer.

When done cooking, remove from burner, add butter and vanilla.

Pour pudding in baked pie shell.

Whisk egg white until they begin to stiffen then add 2 tbs sugar and tarter. Continue to whisk until it looks like marshmallow cream.

Meringue should be able to turn your bowl upside down and it doesn't move.

Cover pudding with meringue and bake another 15 minuets at 350 degrees. Enjoy.

Watch the video: Quarantine Cooking - Chocolate Cream Pie with Meringue (October 2021).