How to poach pears

How to poach pears

Get your pears

Peel the pears ( you can slice them if you like too , i like them whole )

Add the sugar to the water and let it boil

I chose to add some cinnamon , earl grey tea and more spices. Go crazy with the flavours! You can add wine or brandy , ginger , lemon grass and more!

Put the pears in the pot

Get parchment paper and fold him to 4

Now fold him again

Good! Cut the top to create more rounded look

Like that. Now you need to cut the edge

After cutting the edge open the paper and cover the pears

Just like that

After about 40 min you have beautiful poached pears. It will be quicker if you cut them btw

Serve with my amazing home-made ice cream! (Check out the guide) enjoy ;)

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