How to make a microwave chocolate chip cookie

How to make a microwave chocolate chip cookie

Melt a tablespoon of butter

Mix together the brown and white sugar

Add the melted butter and stir

It should look something like this.

Add in the egg yolk and stir.

The mixture should be smooth.

Add in a bit of salt...

...and a dash of vanilla

Then mix in the flour

It gets a bit difficult to combine the butter mixture and the flour but keep stirring! It smoothes out :)

Taa daa!! Cookie dough

Add in a small handful (about two tablespoons) of chocolate chips. I used some white and some semi-sweet

Once mixed pack it into a ramekin.

Then microwave it 40-60 seconds. My microwave cooks it perfectly at 50 seconds but it can vary between microwaves.

Once done if should have a firm top but the inside will still be nice and soft.

It's very very hot so make sure you handle it with a towel!

This cookie is amazing when topped with ice cream or whipped cream. But my preference is eating it plain with just some milk :) DFTBA!

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