How to make a paracord bracelet

How to make a paracord bracelet

You'll need the supplies above

Fold the Paracord in half

Slide the Paracord through the buckle

Pull the loop and take the two loose ends and pull through the loop

You should get this

Take the two loose ends and put it through the other end of the buckle. Next measure your wrist to check the size.

Mentally label the strings A and B NEVER forget this. Take the right sting /A and lace it under the 2 middle strings. A always goes under and B always goes over

Now lace the left string under the right string and then over the middle 2 strings

Take the left string and now poke it through the gap in the picture

If you tighten it should look like this. Make sure this still fits before you keep going

If you repeat steps 7-10, you should get this. Ask a parent a cut and burn the edges.

Enjoy the bracelet

Watch the video: How to Make a Single Strand Knot and Loop Paracord Friendship Bracelet-Celtic Button Knot (January 2022).