How to make a yarn bracelet

How to make a yarn bracelet

You'll need: Tape, scissors, super glue, yarn(s), ruler and a flat surface.

Measure your yarn(s). If you're gonna use 1 colored yarn, measure it to 4 ft. If you're gonna use 2 colored yarns, measure it to 2 ft each. 1 to 12 inches twice is 2 ft.

Tie them together.

Put super glue on it so that it will harden. Let it dry.

Measure the base yarn to 3 ft. Thrice the 1 to 12 inches.

Fold the base yarn in half. Tape it on a flat surface.

Let's go back to the glued yarns. If it's dry trim it.

Like this. Trim more if you want.

Place it on the middle of the base.

Red=1 Blue=2. If you want 1 to be on the middle portion, work with it first. If you want 2 to be on the middle portion, work on it first. Any color of your choice.

Make the yarns like this. Look at it closely. The pull it up.

It will look like this.

Then continue it. But start with 1, the color you want to be on the middle portion.

Make the yarns look like this again. Then pull it towards the knot you just made. Then continue.

After doing some knots, it will look like this.

Knot it until it fits your wrist.

Put glue on the last knot so it will be secured.

Make 1 overhand knot.

Then put glue on it.

Cut the excess when it's dried.

The best part is, that there's two sides. This side and...

..this side. I like this part 'cause it looks cool.

Insert the overhand knot you just made in the loop and you're done. If it slips, then make an adjustable knot. Or make some adjustments so that it will not slip again.

Then there you have it! I've made another one too, with neon colors :) Oooooh. Show it to your friends. And if they liked it make them one too. Or you could just teach them how to make it. lol.

Have fun!

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