How to make perfect fried rice with szechwan pepper beef

How to make perfect fried rice with szechwan pepper beef

Rinse the rice in cold water, drain, and repeat until water is clear or nearly clean. Let soak for 10min.

Drain rice, transfer into a deep saucepan. Add equal part Water (3/4 cup in this recipe) And bring to a boil on smallest range top on high heat. Turn heat to LOW as soon as the water starts to boil.

Place dish towel between pot and lid. Push lid down tight and wrap the towel over the top so it doesn't burn. (Thanks to Ronan for this technique) Simmer for 16min. Remove from heat and let sit.

Beat eggs until it has lots of air bubbles and set aside.

Marinate ground beef with sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, and chili sauce.

Scramble eggs in oil but do not cook all the way through. Do not let the eggs turn golden. Set aside with thinly sliced green onions and mushroom.

Fry beef in pan until medium done on high heat. Push to the side and tilt the pan so the natural grease from the meat wells on the empty side. Quickly stir fry green onion and mushroom in beef grease.

Add cooked rice into the pan and stir fry until separated:

Add egg to the pan and stir fry on high. Lift pan from heat periodically to prevent ingredients from wilting. In chopping motion make sure egg is in tiny pieces and evenly mixed.

When eggs are cooked (not golden) and moisture from the rice has evaporated (rice should not be crispy, neither should it be wet) Turn off heat. Season with salt and sesame oil to taste. Enjoy !

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