How to hang a sconce without nails

How to hang a sconce without nails

This is what we want to hang from the ceiling, but without nails!

First we have to separate the metal bar from the lamp.

Removing the screws...


Now we take the glue tube

and spread in the part that will stick to the ceiling.

Using a spatula to spread the glue or an old scoop of ice cream!

Be sure to cover the entire area.

Put the piece in place and press it firmly for a couple of minutes.

And now You wait 24 hours... tic tac tic tac.

Now you have to cut the ends of the two wires

So they look like this...

They take off the socket because the sconce alredy has one.

Drop wires

Fit the wires in the junction.

Use a small screwdriver

The wires of the sconce too

Note that the green wire (ground wire) will not connect to any of the two wires of the sconce.

Screw the sconce to the metal plate no the ceiling

Secure the lampshade

Find a nice lamp,

And lights on!

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