How to make homemade applesauce

How to make homemade applesauce

Big ol' bags of apples, fresh from the orchard. I'm using 15 lbs for around 3qt of sauce. Output depends on size of apples, how juicy, etcetera.

You can obviously use less apples, but I will be further reducing mine to apple butter. A mix of apples is best, I'm using Granny Smiths, Rome, Fuji, Jonathans and golden delicious.

Put a cup or so of liquid, sugar (I'm using 2 cups of brown sugar) and spices (3 Tbsp of cinnamon for me) in a stockpot or Dutch oven. Turn the heat to high then turn to medium once it starts to boil.

Must resist urge to eat put of hand.

Peel (or not, if you like chunky sauce or will be using a food processor to purée)


Roughly chop

Get them in the pot and stir

Cooking down. Stir every few minutes.

Ready to be squished. How long it takes depends on how many apples, your burner, ect. They're ready when they're almost fully broken down and easily squish under pressure.

I'm going to get medieval here first, but you can use a food processor, food mill, blender or immersion blender. I recommend the immersion blender, but mine is broken.

I pulled mine to let it cool a bit before it goes into my stand blender. Hot applesauce in a blender usually means cleaning it off the ceiling.

In the blender it goes. If you choose this method, you'll probably need a little extra liquid to keep it from binding the blades.

Delicious, squishy goodness.

For long term storage, freeze or can. Otherwise, pack it up in containers and get it in the fridge.

Watch the video: Jamie Oliver - Slow Cooked Pork with Spiced Apple Sauce (December 2021).