How to make a tri-fold duct tape wallet

How to make a tri-fold duct tape wallet

Choose a favorite color or just plain grey Duct tape or raid Wal-Mart of its Duct tape rack for a variety. These are just some examples.

Shown here: all supplies. Tape, tape measure/ruler, scissors, and Aeropostale card.

1st cut three strips at 10 inches long.

Stick them together to create a strip that is 4 inches wide. Note: the individual strips will overlap about a 1/4 of an inch to 1/2 an inch.

Make two of these 4x10 strips.

Stick them together to make an 8x10 sheet of duct tape.

Flip the sheet over to completely cover the other side (sticky side) with duct tape back to back.

Add two strips about 4 inches at each side.

Like this.

Fold these strips over to the other sides like so.

Open it up and it should create a pocket like this. (Where all the money goes!)

Now make two strips that are wider than the card but no wider than the one tri-fold.

Overlap them and turn them over.

Now this step is crucial, if you don't do it exactly how it is in the picture your cards will get stuck In the pocket.

Now flip the pocket over and stick it to one of the tri-folds of the wallet and make sure your card fits.

You can add as many pockets as you like or may need. For this one I'm only putting on two.

For the next step, the ID holder, you'll need some sort of thin plastic sheet. Not plastic wrap. I repeat do not use your kitchens seran wrap for this part. I just ripped the plastic off a binder.

Cut the plastic sheet a little bigger than a card. In order for it to slip in.

Now boarder 3 of the sides of the plastic with about 1/8 inch strips of duct tape.

Attach it to the center of the wallet an insert the cart to make sure it fits.

Open it up and stick in your millions. Now it's time to personalize.

Now being that I'm from the great dairy state of Wisconsin, this one happened to get decorated with camo and Green Bay Packer Duct tape.

And your finished! <(-_-)>

Watch the video: How To Make a Duct Tape Tri-Fold Wallet (December 2021).