How to make your foundation darker

How to make your foundation darker

Is the shade of your foundation to light then I have a simple solution to help darken the foundation! ☀️

Take a foundation that's to light for you. I darkened my super stay foundation.

Put some foundation into a cup. I just used a small amount because I wanted to make sure I got the right shade!

Now take a bronzer! This is my favorite bronzer it works well and does a wonderful job!!

Take a brush and get some bronzer out without making a hole in your bronzer. So lightly sweep it and it should fall right out

Don't add to much bronzer at first! You can always add more! If you put to much then your foundation will be to dark! We don't want that!(:

Now mix the foundation and bronzer together to get the shade you want

Now put a small amount on your hand to see if you like the color! Hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions or you tried this comment and tell me how it worked!

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