How to make busy flags for your office

How to make busy flags for your office

Supplies visual aid 1

Supplies visual aid 2

These are busy flags. The idea is each person in your office has one on their desk. (The supplies are for 1 flag)

Flag down means "I'm free and can talk about anything."

Half mast means "It's business time, but I can talk about work."

Full-mast means "Dude, I'm in the zone! Leave me alone."

Fold approximately 1/4" on all sides. Then prepare to sew the flag.

Sew the pieces of canvas together on all sides, leaving a slight lip for the string to fit in between. (See next step)

Tuck the string between the lip and sew together.

Flag should have an even amount of string on either side when finished sewing.

Cut the wood to size.

Sand the wooden blocks and dowel rods as needed.

Stain the wooden blocks. (Follow directions of the stain for how long to let sit.)

Drill holes into the center of the block. We drilled 3/4in deep.

Using wood glue, insert the wooden rod into the base of the block. (Follow glue instructions for rest time)

Screw the eyes into the wooden rods and base.

Loop string through the screw eyes and tie a knot. Be sure the string is taut before tightening the knot.

Enjoy your new flag!We'd like to thank the fine folks a for the original idea.

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