How to do skeleton makeup for halloween

How to do skeleton makeup for halloween

I star with a nourrishing moisturizez to prepare my skin

Draw the contour of your eyes and your nose with a beige or white pencil ( sorry it's hard to see in picture ). Because if you start with the black first and make mistakes it's easier to correct

Let's start with the white ! Use a sponge

Tada !

With a black eye-liner draw the contour and fill with a black pencil

Apply some black eyeshadow to fix it and avoid shining

Draw your teeth with the black pencil

Start in the middle

Do it on the sides too

With the black pencil draw your bones ( it don't have to be perfect ). Then fill it and fix with eyeshadow

You can also add brows. And you're done ! Let's go scare your friends !

I hope you liked it ! Leave a comment or watch my other guides ! ( and sorry for my English, I'm French ! )

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