How to change oil & filter on audi a5 - all b8 2.0t

How to change oil & filter on audi a5 - all b8 2.0t

Securely drive your vehicle up onto ramps; helps to have a spotter. I use a slight decline so that when driven up on the ramps the car will be level. Set the parking brake and wheel chocks.

Get your tools and materials together. Put the drain pan under the car. Remove the engine cover by firmly lifting upwards and popping it off. There are 4 attachment points running left and middle.

Remove the plastic skid plate from the underside of the car. There are 11 screws that must be removed. Then pull the plate towards the rear of the car to free the front tabs.

Here's a close up of the special skid plate screws. Keep them in a safe place because you don't want to lose any.

Remove drain plug bolt using the ratchet and either an 18 mm or 3/4" socket. Do not reuse the bolt; the washer crushes purposefully on first use. Toss it out. Twist off the filler cap, drains faster.

Here's a brand new drain plug bolt.

As oil drains, use oil filter wrench to break open filter seal. Let oil drain down into engine while pan is draining. Remove filter and clean area well. Take your time and it should not be messy.

Clean drain area and install new plug bolt, being careful not to cross-thread it. Vehicle spec calls for 22 ft-lbs of torque, I always do 25 ft-lbs, to ensure it is securely torqued.

Apply a thin film of oil to new filter gasket, then screw it in place. Tighten filter 3/4 of a turn more after the seal just makes contact with engine block.

Engine holds 4.9 Quarts. Fill with 4 Quarts, then start engine to move oil into engine and new filter. Then add final 0.9 Quarts. Replace skid plate & engine cover, clean up area and tools. All done!

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