How to store framelits, thinlits & edgelit dies

How to store framelits, thinlits & edgelit dies

Here's the supplies...

Trace out a piece of cardboard so it will fit in the storage envelope for your dies.

Cut out the cardboard square using a paper cutter or scissors.

Remove the dies from the original packaging.

Cut two strips of magnet strip and adhere to the cardboard you cut out.

Trim the magnet to size as necessary. The shape of the dies will dictate how you adhere the magnet to the cardboard.

Since these dies are square, a cross shape for the magnet works best!

Attach your dies to your new magnetic storage sheet.

Put the dies back into the provided envelope for final storage.

Here's some examples of other dies and some different magnet layouts. Now, go try your own!

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Watch the video: How to Use Framelits Dies - Sizzix (December 2021).