How to create an upcycledtea light candle holder

How to create an upcycledtea light candle holder

Fill up a clean can with water and place it in the freezer overnight. The ice will prevent the can from denting and will help hold its shape.

Once you take it out, Clean the off the frozen condensation with a towel so you will be able to mark your design.

Gather your supplies.

Mark the design you want with a sharpie.

Hammer a small hole with the screw driver where you put the sharpie dots.

This is what it looks like after you punch in some of the holes.

Hammer two holes at the rim, across from each other. The handle will be inserted here.

Bend the wire in half, and then cut your desired length.

Place the can in a bowl to let the ice melt.

Attach the wire handle.

This is the candle I used.

Light the candle and enjoy your new upcycled candle holder.

I love the way it looks at night in the trees.

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