How to make chili

How to make chili

Supplies are listed.

Slice and remove seeds from all of the peppers.

You don't need to cut into too many slices. The peppers will be boiled then puréed.

Dice up your onions.

Coat your pan so the bacon won't stick.

Dice up your bacon.

Add to the pan med high heat and brown the bacon.

Remove the excess fat. I usually spoon off the fat.

The majority of the fat removed.

Add your onions and stir the bacon with the onions.

Cover and turn heat to medium. Cook until onions are tender. About 5 min.

Pour onions and bacon into the crock pot.

Brown your ground beef. If you like a thicker chili 2lbs of beef can be used.

Turn your crock pot to warm.

Finish browning your beef. Drain excess fat.

Add the beef to the crock pot.

Stir to combine beef, bacon, and onions.

Cover and let sit on warm while you mix your chili seasoning.

Put all the peppers into the blender. Add 1/4 cup of the soaking liquid to the blender. Begin to purée the peppers.

The peppers should be puréed if it is too thick add more soaking water. I used 1/2 cup of the soaking water.

Peel your garlic. You don't need to chop it goes right into the blender.

Add you chili pepper.

Add your cumin.

Add your oregano.

Add your coriander.

Blend everything. I pulsed the blender. If it is took thick you can add more water.

Add to crock pot and stir to coat.

Drain and rinse your black beans. Add them to the crock pot.

Add your red chili beans.

Add you green chiles.

Add your fire roasted tomatoes with peppers.

Add your Mexican beer. If you want a thicker chili you can pour less beer into the chili. Stir everything up.

Set the crock pot on low if you are going to let it sit for at least 6 hours. Set the crock pot on high if you are going to serve it with in 2 hours.

I set mine on low since it was going to sit for 8 hours.

This chili takes about an hour to get everything together. It has a nice bite but isn't over the top spicy. Serve with diced onions, shredded cheese, or whatever your favorite toppings are. Enjoy.

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